It has been great working with Meg.  She has taught me that I do not have to live with or in pain.  She has provided me with massage and some self care techniques to help manage my pain.  And most of the time I have no pain!  “Anonymously” via reported to a sibling (The Sibling can for a massage wanting the same thing)

Meg is the “Destorer”.  She finds every trigger point and destores it with her fingers.  Truly amazing that she can find so many.  via word of mouth

“Magical Meg” that’s what we call her.  She has a magical touch and is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!  We are not sure if girls come here to scrapbook or if they come to get Meg’s massages!  There is a fine line there!  Meg is very professional and provides fabulous massages.  Plus there is yummy lunches and other great food downstairs in the store.  “Scrap booking Girls” via Email

I was in Lake Placid for a few days and gave myself the gift of massage at River Stone Wellness for my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! It was wonderful! Thanks Meg. The health food store downstairs has wonderful sandwiches and prepared food too so check that out.  “Lori”, via Trip Advisor

I’ve had many massages in my life and Meg of River Stone Wellness, provides the best deep tissue massages around. I come away relaxed, worked and looking forward to the next one. Not only will your muscles get what they need, you will also come away with tips and take-home techniques for improving wellness. It’s a well rounded experience that is worth every penny. Thanks Meg!  “Thea”, via Trip Advisor

Meg Parker did a great job on finding my problem areas and working them out. After a great two days of skiing at Whiteface my legs needed some help, I developed IT band problems along with some Hamstring issues and Meg knew just what to do to help me recover fast.  “John”, via Trip Advisor

I have had the privilege of receiving several expert massages from Meg Parker and I am never disappointed. I begin with a stiff aching back and leave an hour later with a lighter and seemingly ‘new’ body. My only regrets are not visiting more often!  “Mike”, via Trip Advisor

Meg is awesome!! Had a really rough week on the trail, including a pulled muscle. I feel great and I can’t wait to get back! great experience and atmosphere!                                   “Thomas”, via Google review

I was a desperate, broken little duck.  I tell you, I was limping when I made my way here.  I didn’t know about this place before.  I just looked up massage places in the area and read through their website.  Immediately, I was convinced that they could give me what I needed.  I made my appointment the same day and mentioned what I was looking for and they said they were sure they would be able to help me.  

Meg P. was assigned to me and she was very professional.  She began by asking me how I was feeling and let me give a brief background.  So, she thought she would give me a whole body massage with emphasis on the lower back.  

And she did just the right amount of pressure, I would say.  Just like a baker preparing his dough, she kneaded my back rather thoughtfully and systematically.  I was a bit sad that an hour had passed so quickly.     

As expected, I felt sore for the next couple of days.  But, alas, I feel rejuvenated now.  My back feels so much better (though I still have to consult with my doctor).  Like what the other lady said in here, I was just “needing some love.”  Thanks Meg!   “Amy M.”, Turlock, CA via Yelp

Incredible Ironman Massage!!!  A terrific resource for my triathalon team and our support crews loved it too! The Best!!! “Heather” via Yahoo