Yoga and Mind/Body Connection

We have a few Practitioners that support, practice, and instruct these approaches. Sessions are individual or grouped usually in a series over a 4-6 week duration. Most of the sessions are targeted towards beginners, however we accommodate all levels within our sessions.  Individual, private sessions, and private parties can be made by phone.  Please see below for class schedules.

Class Schedule Year 2016 (updated May 6th)

Beginner Hatha Yoga Community Class – Sunday nights 5:30 pm, drop-in fee $10 class.  This is a current class.  For more information please call Meg 802-309-5447

New Beginner and Gentle Flow Class – Starting June 2016 thru August 2016 every Tuesday Morning @ 10 am – Kathy offers a gentle invitation to new or returning students to embrace a gradual approach to yoga poses including clear, simple instruction appropriate for all levels of practice.  Level 1 Vinyasa Flow introduces a yoga sequence that opens the heart space and connects our bodies to the world surrounding us.

*Special Yoga Class happen every other season – Spring 2016 coming soon, Winter 2015 Snoga, Fall 2014 Star Ridge Overlook

Beginner Hatha Yoga Class – More classes can be provided and arranged.  We do need to have at least 4 people interested in order to offer another day or evening class.  These classes are catered and addresses needs of the participates.  Please contact Meg

Private Hatha/Sports Yoga Class – Private class(s) one-on-one instruction can be provided.  New to yoga and not ready to join a class this is a great way to develop your skills to feel comfortable joining a class in the future.  Please contact Meg 802-309-5447.

Descriptions of Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga encourages proper positioning within each pose.  This is a gentle and progressive approach to each pose.

Sports Yoga

Sports yoga offers a tailored approach focusing on what sports you do and the areas that need extra attention.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga classes are vigorous yet accessible, they utilize fluid transitions from pose to pose, linking body, breath, and intention.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga offers complimentary poses focusing on the deep connective tissues within the joints.